warm wool throws.

Winter is not coming soon enough! I am looking forward to thick socks, warm baths and cuddling up in a blanket to get warm. My favourite type of blankets are of the wool variety. They are super soft and very effective at warming you up. They also look fantastic and add a touch of style to any room.

There are many different types of wool fibres to choose from:

Mohair is a naturally warm and lightweight fibre. It offers high tensile strength and elasticity, making them hard wearing, soil resistant and non-felting. Mohair fibres have excellent insulation characteristics that help keep our bodies both cool in summer and warm in winter.
Cashmere, like mohair, comes from the hair of a goat, the Kashmir goat. Soft to the touch so it’s a pleasure to wear, it’s also are extremely adept at keeping you warm. Cashmere is the most common type of fine wool used in clothing
Alpaca fibres are amongst the most versatile and luxurious in the world. It is warm, breathable, comfortable and durable. Unbelievably lightweight, Alpaca fibres trap pockets of air creating natural thermal insulation. Alpaca wool is hypoallergenic and doesn’t contain lanolin making it ideal for those with sensitive skin.
Merino, from Merino sheep (known for having softer coats than others) is a soft and popular wool. It draws or “wicks” moisture away from the skin on one end of the fiber and repels outside moisture on the other.
Angora is made from the hair of the Angora rabbit. This heat-retaining fiber is ideal for thermal clothing as it is lightweight as well as soft. It’s very comfortable to wear.

(Info from goodhousekeeping.com & stalbans.com.au)



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